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Welcome to Classroom Learning 2.0 and the 23 Things Learning!



Whether you are a classroom teacher, laptop teacher, library media specialist. an online teacher anywhere in the U.S, or someone curious about Web 2.0 tools, you'll like this professional development program and you're welcome to participate.  The purpose of doing these 23 Things is to learn about a variety of Web 2.0 tools that can be used personally and professionally, for teacher planning, teacher sharing and with students. This is a self-paced, discovery learning activity.  You may get a little frustrated as you work through the "things" but learning how to overcome that frustration is part of the learning and the fun!  :-)  Register during "Thing 2" below.


Do you want to make this even more fun?  Get some of your colleagues, friends, or family to do this along with you!  This way, you can share the learning and the fun!  Remember, this entire program is free and only requires an investment of time,


And, you can earn 2 credits of continuing education for completing the 23 Things.   To do 23 Things and earn Fresno Pacific Continuing Education Credit ($230), register here -http://www.fresno.edu/cpd/workshops/  . Choose "Classroom Learning 2.0" as the course. Once you are registered, email robdarow [at] gmail.com so he knows you are beginning.  (You may begin this course most any time).



First Step: Go to 23 Things Learning Blog and post a comment on the blog listing your blog address.  (See Thing 2 about how to create a blog)

Suggested Schedule:  One "thing" a week.  Get your friends to play!


Index of Things

About/Frequently Asked Questions

Thing 1 - About

Thing 2 - Create your blog and register

Thing 3 - iGoogle and Google Suite

Thing 4 - Searching the Web

Thing 5 - Flickr and Image Generators

Thing 6 - Image Generators

Thing 7 - RSS Feeds and Blog Readers

Thing 8 - Free Technology Tools Blog

Thing 9 - Web 2.0 application exploration

Thing 10 - Wikis


**Go to 23 Things Learning Blog and post a comment on another person's blog.


Thing 11 - Gen Y and Education

Thing 12 - Tags, Del.icio.us, and Diigo

Thing 13 - Online books, e-books, wikis, open source books.

Thing 14 - Online content to explore:  Curriki, Thinkfinity, etc.

Thing 15 - Online Collaboration Tools, Graphic Organizers and Library Thing 


 **Go to 23 Things Learning Blog and post a comment on another person's blog.


Thing 16  - Google Earth, Google Sketch Up, Literature Stories and Projects.

Thing 17  -YouTube and TeacherTube, downloading videos to your computer.

Thing 18 - Podcasts / iTunes and iTunes University.

Thing 19 - Audio and Video Tools. 

Thing 20 - Digital Story Telling


Thing 21 - Online Games

Thing 22 - Copyright and Creative Commons

Thing 23 - Congratulations, Reflection and Evaluation


 **Go to 23 Things Learning Blog and post a comment on another person's blog.


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